Fall 2021 News Here

October 28, 2021: CofC Marine Research Graduate Student Colloquium .
The Sigma Xi 1st place Oral Presentation award went to Michael Thienes for his presentation “Variability in size at maturity of female blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) in South Carolina” and the 2nd place prize was awarded to Josiah Waters for his talk “Examining temporal patterns of benthic microalgal community structures in a South Carolina saltmarsh.”

November 5, 2021: Perry V. Halushka MUSC Student Research Day. Catherine Mills received the Sigma Xi Presentation Award for her presentation, "Immunostimulatory effects of a novel small molecule CD38 inhibitor and application for treatment of neuroblastoma."

Congratuations to our Fall2021 Sigma Xi Award winners! Michael Thienes (1st place) and Josiah Waters (2nd place) at the Marine Research Graduate School Colloquium. Catherine Mills, MUSC Student Research Day.