Charleston Sigma Xi Psychology & Neuroscience Fund

This fund supports outstanding local undergraduates and recent alumni in psychology and neuroscience  who wish to apply to Ph.D. programs but are limited due to financial need. Some students go into debt  or do not apply due to financial obstacles including the GRE and application fees that cannot be waived.  This is unfortunate given that applying is one of the last major financial hurdles that these students  would face before getting financial support in the form of stipends and tuition waivers. This award can  cover up to $500 in costs that would otherwise not be reimbursed or waived. 

Applicant Requirements 

• Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher 

• Financial need as indicated by FAFSA Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of 30,000 or lower • At least 1 semester of relevant, individualized research experience (e.g., through an independent  study or bachelors’ essay course, through paid work in a research lab, etc.) 

• Psychology major or minor, or neuroscience major or minor 

• Applying to at least one accredited, not-for-profit psychology or neuroscience Ph.D. program • Graduating during the current academic year or has graduated no more than 2 years previously  from an accredited, not-for-profit college or university in Charleston County, South Carolina

Application Process 

First, for all institutions that you intend to apply to, contact them to inquire about a fee  waiver. Many institutions will waive part of or all of the application fee for financial need. This award is for  remaining non-waivable fees only. To obtain information about the current application cycle, please submit an email to Anthony Bishara (Sigma Xi,