Sigma Xi, The Charleston Chapter


Please consider joining the Charleston Chapter of Sigma Xi (click here to download a detailed membership flier).

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, is the international honor society of science and engineering. In addition to all of the national and international efforts of the Society, your membership will afford you immediate local benefits. The Charleston Chapter is one of the few that is not affiliated with a single University. The Charleston Chapter membership is 140+ and growing, with members from the Medical University of South Carolina, The College of Charleston, The Citadel, Trident Tech, Westvaco, Bayer Corporation, NOAA, and SCDNR. Membership in the Charleston Chapter brings you into immediate contact with scientists from all disciplines and in all work environments in our area. Our members meet on a frequent basis, and get a chance for one on one social engagement, which often lead to scientific collaborations. Please consider nominating yourself for membership or renewing your membership and then enjoy the benefits:
  1. Subscription to the American Scientist. The American Scientist, published bimonthly since 1913, contains articles to inform scientists and engineers about developments outside of their own fields.
  2. Grants-in-Aid of Research. Small grants to encourage the professional development of new scientists.
  3. Support of Charleston Area Schools. Our Chapter members serve as consultants for local teachers, give classroom presentations to encourage student interest in science, judge science fair projects, host classes for field trips to professional sites, and much more.
  4. Support of Charleston Area Undergraduate and Graduate Research. Our Chapter sponsors awards for Outstanding Research Presentations by students at MUSC's Student Research Day, CofC's Marine Biology Colloquium, The Citadel's Undergraduate Research Conference and the Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Academy of Sciences.
  5. Local Professional Talks. Throughout the year our Chapter sponsors research seminars and field activities featuring our own members and the broad range of scientific disciplines in which they are engaged.
  6. National Speakers. At least once a year, we bring in a Sigma Xi National speaker. In recent years, the visit of our National speaker has been the highlight of "Darwin Week" - a week-long seminar series in February to celebrate Darwin's birthday.
  7. Annual Banquet. Once a year, each spring, we recognize the outstanding accomplishments of scientists and teachers in our Chapter and we have a keynote address of particular scientific or policy interest to the members of our Chapter.
  8. Chapter Listserver. Our chapter sponsors Chs-Sci-Net, the best way to stay informed about all manner of science activities in the Lowcountry and throughout South Carolina.
For those interested in joining our Charleston Chapter of Sigma Xi, we can provide nomination signatures if you do not know other Sigma Xi members.

National Headquarters Memebership links:
Send the completed form to:
Send membership dues + initiation fee to:
Dr. Karen Burnett, Membership Chair
Charleston Chapter of Sigma Xi
Hollings Marine Laboratory
331 Fort Johnson Road
Charleston, SC 29412
Phone: 843-725-4826
Dr. Mei-Qin Chen, Treasurer
Charleston Chapter of Sigma Xi
Dept. of Math and Computer Science
The Citadel
171 Moultrie Street
Charleston, SC 29409
The nomination letter (.doc) is here.

New members


Full members:
  1. Annalisa Maria Calini, PhD, Dept. of Mathematics, College of Charleston
  2. Rigoberto Florez, PhD, The Citadel
  3. Steven A. Kautz, PhD, Department of Health Sciences and Research, MUSC
  4. Ryan Kendall, PhD, MUSC
  5. Edward L. Krug, PhD, Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology, MUSC
  6. Gavin Naylor, PhD, Dept. of Biology, College of Charleston
  7. Lok C. Lew Yan Voon, PhD, School of Science and Mathematics, The Citadel
Associate members:
  1. Eric Matthew Benfield, The Citadel
  2. Derek S. Bernsen, The Citadel
  3. Vanessa Bezy, College of Charleston
  4. Richard Amedo Valentino Caporale, The Citadel
  5. Wei Ming Chiu, The Citadel
  6. Callie Heldricks Crawford, College of Charleston
  7. Sarah Dargan Harper Diaz, The Citadel
  8. Charles Penman Fyfe II, The Citadel
  9. Nicole Marie Kollars, College of Charleston
  10. Jacqueline Michelle Leigig, College of Charleston
  11. Wei-Fang Liu, The Citadel
  12. Clarese Neill, The Citadel
  13. Djordan Lee Porter, The Citadel


  1. Andy Shedlock(CofC)
  2. Nicholas Colvard (Grace Marine Lab)
  3. Leslie Wicke (Grace Marine Lab)
  4. Jillian Johnson (Grace Marine Lab)
  5. Leo Gang (promotion from associate to full, Grace Marine Lab)
  6. Kuo-Wei Yao (TheCitadel)