Charleston Chapter of Sigma Xi Honorable Mention

We are pleased to report that the Charleston chapter has been awarded an Honorable Mention for distinguished performance during the year ending June 30, 2011. Because our chapter was honored within the last three years with a Certificate of Excellence - for exceptional chapter activity, innovative programming, community leadership, it is ineligible for another award this year. However, because it has maintained its commendable performance since then, it has again earned Sigma Xi's recognition.

"As you know, Sigma Xi is committed to supporting the research enterprise, and the strength of this organization comes from the strong foundation of our 522 chapter-based programs. The grassroots nature of the Society allows us to "think globally and act locally." In a world increasingly impacted by science and technology, the need for informed science leadership in our communities and neighborhoods is great. Your award-winning chapter is helping to create that kind of leadership, and we hope you feel a part of that success."
Chair, Committee on Qualifications and Membership
Sigma Xi


Chapter of Excellence Award


Program Award recognizing Chs-Sci-Net


Program Award recognizing Darwin Week

Chapter of Excellence Award